Morny stannit

I’m of the Eric and Ernie generation and unashamedly style my service taking technique on Eric Morecambe’s impeccable timing. Ah, if only.

There’s a sketch I remember in which Eric acts the part of newspaper seller at a London station. He’s shouting out what sounds like “Morny stannit, morny  stannit”.

Ernie, acting a bowler hatted city gent is obviously annoyed and says to Eric. Excuse me, it’s MORNING STANDARD.

Ernie ignores him and keeps shouting“Morny stannit, morny  stannit”

Ernie persists in saying, excuse me it’s Morning Standard.

After a while Ernie gives in and shouts “Morning Standard” and Ernie goes off with a smug look on his face.

Ernie then turns to the camera and opens the newspaper.

It’s called, Morny Stannit.

Be careful about being right.

It’s not about being right, it’s about be related.

It’s not about being correct, it’s about being connected.



November 2017

So here we are
I said
to myself

there being no there

we are always
not there

And November the broken bottom E of the twelve-stringed year
the runt of the dozen litter
dark too soon to call it a day
frets away across the 4 weeks with a bundle of ends

It’s a red month with blood on its hands
saints and sinners, war and peace
A Kingdom season oozing through the membranes of life
yet studded in our small calendar with great Anglicans

Hooker, the genius, far too unknown to the Church’s loss
who taught us the way of union with Christ, participation
And Temple, who taught us participation with our neighbour
Contemplation and action

But it’s the universal women
Margery and Elizabeth
Hilda, Mechtild, Margaret, Catherine, Cecilia, Priscilla
who might teach us the way out of our present dilemmas
each contemplating the One Thing Needful

As somebody said
the only interesting thing about religion
is God
– God
– whom the Church never mentions
having got caught up on the superman Jesus
who is never, it seems, the Christ
just a great guy who shows up when we pray

Such is this dark November of the Church
the clues are all there but the detectives are asleep

Pray for a blazing fortnight of Marian blue and frosts
to set the soil for a new spring after the Church’s long winter ahead


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